Fresh Truffle


We offer fresh truffle or Tuber melanosporum from mid-November to March. Tuber melanosporum is a very hight quality of truffle variety.

To order fresh truffle or ask for its availability, please contact us.


Truffle is an ingredient that enhances any dish providing a delectable flavour. It is perfect for dishes such as salads, pasta, meats, stews, or even desserts. Please check our recipes to make the most of this exquisite treat.


We want to highlight that all our products clearly mention the type of truffle they contain, by way of its scientific name, in order to prevent the mix-up with other species that have similar colour and appearance but much less gastronomic and economic value such as the Chinese truffle Tuber indicum or Tuber himalayensis. We only use the most prized species within the commonly named black truffle that is the Tuber melanosporum.


We can provide for a better preservation for export frozen truffles from freshly harvested truffles.