Fried Tomato Sauce

All Solís recipes have a low caloric content and are gluten-free. The main recipe doesn’t contain any artificial additive to reach the flavour. Thanks to SIG Combibloc technology, Solís can pack pieces of a considerable size in a brick. Solís uses … [Read more...]

Iberian ham

Iberiam ham from a completely artesan production of black iberia pig, process following traditional all natural techniques. The ham is curing in our own bodegas and drying rooms; benefiting from the mix of the fresh dry air of Corteconcepción from … [Read more...]

Special Spanish Cheese

Sheep Cheese from South Spain Merino Breed Grazalemeña. Artisan cheese made ​​with milk Merino sheep from Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema. Made by hand, recovering traditional local recipes which gives it a distinctive flavor and unique, … [Read more...]

High quality ecological honey

Packages of 500 gr and 1000 gr of high quality organic honey multifloral. Development of traditional organic honey production with new technologies for commercialization. As a result we offer a quality organic honey directly from the extraction … [Read more...]

Caviar traditional and ecological

Our caviar take you taste buds a real taste of Iranian caviar. Thanks to organic farming in pure water from the melting of the Pyrenees, and our craftsmanship from the Iranian method, we obtain one of the most complex in the world caviar. The … [Read more...]

Excellent Grape Vinegar

Sherry vinegar is made from Sherry grapes (100% Palomina Fina). It is protected by the Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin and crated using the tradicional "criaderas and soleras" process of transferring vinegars from barrel to barrel over a period … [Read more...]

Spanish fine wine to export

We offer selection of wines for export. Our wines are characterized by different appellations of origin qualified. We export selected wines from different wineries craft. Wineries have been selected for their high care in winemaking. Our … [Read more...]

Selection of delicious chocolates

Chocolate with Cheese: The chocolates and cheese are very nice product. It is a candy shaped little Manchego cheese coated in fine chocolate and creamy whose interior is made ​​with a mixture of three products more representative of our region, … [Read more...]

Fresh Truffle

We offer fresh truffle or Tuber melanosporum from mid-November to March. Tuber melanosporum is a very hight quality of truffle variety. To order fresh truffle or ask for its availability, please contact us. Uses Truffle is an ingredient that … [Read more...]

Top quality Olives and Pickles

Spainexportproducts offers a wide selection of top quality olives and pickles to satisfy the most demanding of palates. This products are made by hand, with all the care and attention our customers deserve. We are proud of our specialities, some … [Read more...]

Crunchy Bread

Artisan crusty bread and made ​​to measure different types and formats. This type of bread goes well with food. Like many recipes in the kitchen, began as a way to leverage the ingredients. Is breadsticks with low water content in its interior. … [Read more...]

Products made from Chesnuts, pates and jams.

We offer pates and jams, handmade natural among the finest highlight: Products made from Chestnuts. Pates of Green and Black Olives. Jams made ​​with seasonal fruits. … [Read more...]

Salted fish, canned and smoked fish

Salted Fish. Our secret in developing its unparalleled salted fish is simplicity itself: nothing less than top quality raw material craftsman's hands, salt and the right amount of time to naturally dry. Also, it is one of the few companies in … [Read more...]

Selection of exclusive jams

We offer products of tradition preserved. Selection of traditional form produced jams. This product is ideal for baking or sauces original base that will impress any palate. Among other products, we can offer: Green espárrado Jam … [Read more...]


The saffron we are obtaining from our fields is a source of pride since it is the most complete and powerful one due to its organoleptic qualities: “Crocina, Picocrocina, and Safranal”. These three qualities are enhanced by traditional treatment … [Read more...]