Fried Tomato Sauce

All Solís recipes have a low caloric content and are gluten-free. The main recipe doesn’t contain any artificial additive to reach the flavour. Thanks to SIG Combibloc technology, Solís can pack pieces of a considerable size in a brick. Solís uses … [Read more...]

Olives, pickles and varied

We provide hundred percent natural olives, prepared entirely by hand, without any additives or preservatives, and seasoned with natural herbs. The products have a homey feel and characteristic Spanish. We also produce different types of olives: … [Read more...]

Peeled Garlic products

Some elaborations of peeled garlic products are: Garlic Olive Jam: Garlic flavor is added to the exquisite and innovative olive pâté, with all the flavor of the province of Jaén. Is a product for discerning palate and character. Really advisable … [Read more...]

Products made from Chesnuts, pates and jams.

We offer pates and jams, handmade natural among the finest highlight: Products made from Chestnuts. Pates of Green and Black Olives. Jams made ​​with seasonal fruits. … [Read more...]

Salted fish, canned and smoked fish

Salted Fish. Our secret in developing its unparalleled salted fish is simplicity itself: nothing less than top quality raw material craftsman's hands, salt and the right amount of time to naturally dry. Also, it is one of the few companies in … [Read more...]

Export of Tined / Glass Canned Vegetables

Products premium TINNED for export from Spain. PRICE 01/01/13 REF 1000 COD WHITE ASPARAGUS FRUITS BOXES/ PALET UNDS/ CAJA 1001 Asparagus - Short R-212 … [Read more...]

Selection of exclusive jams

We offer products of tradition preserved. Selection of traditional form produced jams. This product is ideal for baking or sauces original base that will impress any palate. Among other products, we can offer: Green espárrado Jam … [Read more...]