High quality ecological honey

Packages of 500 gr and 1000 gr of high quality organic honey multifloral.

Development of traditional organic honey production with new technologies for commercialization. As a result we offer a quality organic honey directly from the extraction point. colmenas01

SONY DSC Product: 1000 gr of ecological honey
SONY DSC Product: 500 gr of ecological honey


PRODUCT: Honey bees multifloral from high mountain
AREA OF ORIGIN: Natural Park of Cadiz Mountains, Spain.
1-DESIGNATION: Honey bee 100% pure (Multifloral and honeydew) ecological
2-COLOR: Amber / dark amber
3-LOOK: Natural
4-TEXTURE: viscous
5-ODOR: Intense aroma of something malty nectar.
6-TASTE: Sweet and fruity ethereal, malty.
7-CRYSTALLIZATION: Hard to solidify
Apiaries varies slightly from one another. The variety and richness of the Sierra de Grazalema is very high, has been declared as the first Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in Spain. Normally our honey is composed of thyme, wild lavender, rosemary, wild rose, almond, oak, madrone, pine trees, wild orchids, mint, fennel, marigolds, broom, eucalyptus, etc..

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