The saffron we are obtaining from our fields is a source of pride since it is the most complete and powerful one due to its organoleptic qualities: “Crocina, Picocrocina, and Safranal”. These three qualities are enhanced by traditional treatment given throughout the production process.

The Saffron has many properties, the best known of which are those used for cooking, however it also has many beneficial health properties:

• Gives a soft pleasant scent
• Provides a unique flavor (sweet and sour)
• Color properties towards red and orange.
• Aphrodisiac (stimulating erogenous zones)
• Carminative (promotes the expulsion of digestive gases)
• Tonic (stimulates appetite)
• Menstrual pain reliever.
• Sedation (Relieves the discomfort of teething children)
• Soothes coughs and bronchitis
• Relieves cramps and insomnia
• Fights nervous disorders and asthma
• Strengthens the heart
• Removes obstructions of the liver
• Reduces levels of blood cholesterol
• Antioxidant capacity
• Good assistance in difficult deliveries
• Potential source of anticancer agents
• Effect against atherosclerosis
• Brightens the mood
• Alternative to using salt
• Improves male fertility